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Welcome to Functional Products!

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Functional Products Inc. formulates, blends, and sells oil additive products that manage viscosity and improve the performance of oil, grease and biobased fluids that operate under demanding conditions. We offer an extensive range of viscosity modifiers, tackifiers, way lube packages, biobased products and other oil additives to meet your needs.

Functional Products operates in a modern blending facility located in Macedonia, Ohio. The company Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008. We have capacity available to meet your current needs, and the ability to expand to support your growth. Functional's range of products are shipped world wide. We have the expertise to ship world wide through our distributors and agents located in United States, Canada, Asia, the Mid East and Europe


  • Tackifiers — Mineral Oil and Vegetable Oil Based
  • Viscosity Modifiers — Liquid and Solid
  • Biobased Products — Tackifiers, Thickeners, and Flow Improvers
  • Food Grade Products — Tackifiers, Thickeners, and Flow Improvers
  • Industrial Lubricant Additives — including soluble oil packages, corrosion inhibitors, slide way packages, and cold flow improvers.

Custom products are our specialty. If you do not see a product that meets your specific needs, our polymeric chemists and formulating chemists have the know how and experience to develop specific solutions to solve your needs.

Functional Products Inc. is a member:

  • Society of Tribologist and Lubrication Engineers
  • National Lubrication Grease Institute
  • American Society of Testing and Materials
  • Independent Lubricant Manufactures Association