Functional Products is dedicated to advancing the current knowledge of lubrication by engaging in continuous research and product development. New findings are shared in open forum’s through associations like STLE, NLGI, and ILMA to keep customers and collaborators up-to-date on current trends.

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See below for select technical presentations on oil and grease additives. Presentations are arranged in chronological order. For the collection of articles, technical notes, and sales data please see the Articles section.

(Last updated March 2017)

Investigation of High Temperature Stability of Tackifiers

1 - Biobased Lubricant Technology Opportunities in Forestry - v2

2 - Calcium Sulfonate Water Spray Off Improvement - v2

3 - Quantitative Evaluation of Tackiness in Polymer-Oil Solutions Using Modified Probe Tack Method - v2

4 - Study on Viscosity Modifiers for Biodegrable Ester-based Lubricants - v2

5 - Polymers in Mineral and Vegetable Lubricant - v2

6 - Benefits of Polymer Additives in Grease - v2

7 - Way Lube Packages - v3

8 - Primer on Tackifiers - v2